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About Stuart

Taking a dip in Laos

Taking a dip in Laos

After setting off on our first major travelling trip back in March 2011, I haven’t looked back since.

Prior to travelling I worked in the Pro Audio industry for nearly 6 years. I became disheartened and felt that a travel stint would do me good, so Eloise and I set off for Asia!

We run Am I Nearly There Yet? as we tour the world, putting these skills to practice, as well as developing social media marketing and networking campaigns.

I’m an avid photographer and love travel photography. With countless amounts of photographic inspiration around the world, I showcase most of my photography on my portfolio site, Stu I currently use a Canon 500D Canon 5D Mii with 24-105mm f/4 L, 70-200 f/2.8 L, Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM and Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6, plus Cokin ND Gradient filters and a few other bits and bobs.

Stu in Hong Kong!

Stu in Hong Kong!

I have a keen interest and practical knowledge of SEO and SEM. My core web related skills are mainly front-end, with strong HTML and CSS (all current standards) and working knowledge with other client and server side languages (JavaScript/jQuery, MySQL, PHP).

Since I’ve been away travelling, I’m found that I have passion and natural ability for humorous writing and fictitious story telling (not showcased on this site). I’ve even written a few short stories!

We are attempting to live an location independent lifestyle, meaning I’m in the process of developing ideas to allow me to work wherever I happen to be in the world from the comfort of my laptop and an internet connection. i.e. From a beach in Thailand!

We’re on our way to Australia, due to arrive before July 2013. We have a 12 month working holiday visa arranged for when we arrive, and I plan to get some valuable work experience while we’re there in both web and photography realms.

I love Brazilian Jujitsu, and travel with my mouth guard in my bag in case I should stumble across a class. No cauliflower ear as of yet so still fully employable 😉

I’m a mean juggler, my 4/5 ball needs some more practice but I’ve got 3 ball nailed!

I’m a future motorcycle nutter! I don’t have a valid UK licence, but I’ve ridden bikes of all sizes all over Asia and looking forward to being able to do it legally someday soon.


Eloise in Hong Kong

Eloise in Hong Kong

Travelling is something I’d always wanted to do, and now that I am travelling and exploring our amazing world, I never want this adventure to end!

After graduating university with my fashion degree, I enrolled straight onto a respected millinery course at Kensington and Chelsea College in London. Before I went travelling I was working as a milliner, making my own hat designs and working for several London milliners – But at the same time all I could think about was going travelling.

At the end of 2009 when Stu and I had just moved in together, we were committed to going travelling and needed to start planning and saving. Working in London was killing my savings, so I left my millinery position and got a job at an office in my home town of High Wycombe, continuing to make hats in my spare time

Being a vegan, I was nervous about my eating options abroad – but more excited and intrigued at what I might find! I’ve been a vegan since I was 11 years old and I’m a firm believer in animal rights and am against exploiting animals in every way. It’s been a culinary journey travelling to countries where I thought I would struggle to eat, to then finding a feast of foods to explore!

One of my favourite things to do is dancing and at home I was part of an expressive dance group called, Chantraine School of Dance.

Since being in India I’ve wanted to try Bollywood dancing. Maybe I’m inspired after seeing all the incredible dancing shown on the TV and in the movies! I’m still looking for a class, so if anyone knows a good one, please let me know!

I also enjoy yoga, especially kundalini and laughter yoga. While travelling in India I enrolled onto a teacher training course, taught by Dr Madan Kataria, the founder of laughter yoga. I received my teacher training certificate, so I’m looking forward to starting my own laughter yoga club, maybe in Australia! I had so much fun during the training and had never laughed so much in my life!

About UsMore about usNew Here?Where are we?Where we’ve been
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