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5 Things Not To Miss In Peru!

If you’re heading to Peru, then it’s time to get excited as this smorgasbord of experiences that intricately combine ancient history, spiritual evolution, fantastic food and huge parties is a festival for all the senses. You’ve then got the huge outdoor playground comprised of giant sand dunes, rainforests, white water rafting, zip lines, bike trails, […]

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deserted on island

Backpacking Nightmares: Travel Horror Stories

From Dreams to Screams It’s unfair, but the longer the travel, the larger the risks. The group who know this fact all too well: backpackers. Backpacking holidays are rife with potential problems and hiccoughs just by their very nature. Most travellers are quick to get insurance, as their journeys are usually comprised of hundreds of […]

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rafting carucasus

Epic Adventure in Caucasus Region!

The Caucasus Mountains are true paradise for the lovers of extreme adventure. Mountain landscapes, climate and breathtaking nature are perfect for outdoor activities. Are you ready to spend the most fantastic days in the Caucasian mountains and experience strength in the most extreme situations? Paragliding in the Caucasus Mountains Year by year paragliding is gaining […]

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