3 Tips To Get The Most From Your Next Flight


Jetting off to far off climes ought to be a dream come true offering an exciting opportunity unknown to previous generations. Truth is that with ever increasing queues, security checks, and baggage restrictions many travellers now view it is a drudgery and necessary evil. But you can take heart as there are little things you can do to return to the glory days of air flight making your next airborne adventure that much more comfortable and enjoyable. You may even begin to love flying again.

Get a free upgrade

According to the Telegraph, three surefire ways of improving your chances of getting an upgrade to business or first class are travelling alone, loyalty to the airline, and simply good old fashioned politeness. In addition, looking the part has helped many travellers get upgraded. It seems dressing as if you’re going to fly first class sends out the right signals and may go a long way to increasing your chances. Smart casual seems to be the key (even a suit if possible).

So avoid the beach look and ripped jeans. In addition to looking the part, being polite and so on, don’t forget to simply ask! It’s even possible to get British Airways upgrades to business class!

Do so early, and not when staff are at their busiest and too flustered to pay attention to you. Get in early and you could be in luck. Also let them know if it’s a special occasion such as an anniversary or honeymoon. You might just soften them up sufficiently (or at the very least a free drink).

Regional airports and airport hotels

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One way of making your flight experience that bit more relaxing and stress free is to fly from a regional airport. They tend to be far less hectic than the mega ports such as Heathrow and Gatwick. Having that extra time before boarding can make all the difference to your well-being and get your trip off to a much more favourable beginning.

On the other hand, if you must fly from one of the biggies, opt to stay in an airport hotel the night before reducing feelings of stress particularly for early flights. Don’t forget, too, most airport hotels come with free shuttles straight to the airport.

Making sure the hours fly by

Depending on how long the flight is, you’ll probably want the hours fly by. Make sure you have plenty to listen to and watch on your device as well as read. Audiobooks are a good way of keeping the mind occupied with the eyes closed. On the matter of keeping the eyes closed, while on a long haul flight, ask for a window seat.

Not only can you enjoy the mesmerising cloud formations (as entertaining as any movie), but it’s also easier to get to sleep. Equipped with your bespoke flight pillow you can lean into the side of the plane and you’ll drop off before you know it.

Of course there are plenty of other things you can do to enjoy your flight and turn it into the exciting experience it should be. But take these tips on board with you, and you’ll go a considerable way to ensure that the journey to your destination is part of the fun getting your trip off to a perfect start.

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