5 of the Very Best Islands in Thailand … and Why You Should Visit Them!

similan island- 5 of the Very Best Islands in Thailand

Thailand has over 1,000 different islands scattered off its coast. They come in all different shapes and sizes and many are not inhabited. Some are off the Andaman Coast and some are off the Gulf Coast; all offer something different and a great time! If you’re looking for gorgeous tropical beaches away from the crowds, you got it.

If you want to meet loads of other people and mingle, no problem. Is partying hard your thing? You won’t be disappointed! You can find almost anything you want between the different islands, so allow plenty of time to visit the main ones!

So, here are 5 of the very best islands in Thailand!

1# Koh Phi Phi

5 of the Very Best Islands in Thailand

Koh Phi Phi is actually made up of several islands, with the main one being Phi Phi Don. Often said to be Thailand’s most beautiful island, that claim to fame is enough to make you want to go there! Although you certainly won’t be alone when you visit there are still plenty of secluded spots where you can escape the crowds and enjoy a quieter spot of beach or a walk in the lush forested areas. Head to the viewpoint for the most incredible views.

Although it is not possible to stay on the second largest island, Phi Phi Lay, it is definitely worth taking a boat trip to. Made famous by the hit movie “The Beach”, Maya Bay is a prime spot for visitors. With soft white sands and clear blue waters that are protected by towering karts, it will probably be one of the prettiest places you have ever seen!

2# Koh Chang

lonely beach

Lots of developments have made Koh Chang a favourite playground of both foreign visitors and urban Thais. Just a few hours’ drive away from Bangkok the island combines lovely beaches with a dense jungle interior. Mix and match lazy days lying in the sun with time spent hiking and enjoying nature. Within the jungle you will find a few delightful waterfalls too.

The island has a good range of places to eat, drink, sleep, and shop, and so really does offer the best of everything!

3# Koh Lipe

Ao Sunset, Koh Lipe (2007-03-321)

A relative newcomer to the tourism scene, Koh Lipe is situated in the deep south of Thailand not so far from the border with Malaysia. With views that could have come straight from the pages of a glossy holiday brochure, Koh Lipe is one of the country’s previously undiscovered gems.

It also has some fascinating cultural aspects by way of the local population – it is one of few places in the country that is home to a significant population of sea gypsies, known in Thai as Chao Lair. With a completely separate cultural identity to the majority of the Thai population it is a great spot to learn about the different faces of the country. Dine on fresh and tasty seafood and enjoy the peaceful air.

4# Trang Islands

Inside the emerald cave

Not one individual island but rather a group of islands, the Trang Islands are forecast to rapidly gain popularity. In the south of the country they are really easy to access from the mainland with a short boat ride. Some of islands have accommodation, although it is also possible to hit the highlights with a day trip. Steeped in folklore and local legends, the Trang islands really are a sight for sore eyes. Quieter than other parts of the country, it is really easy to feel as though you have discovered your own private lice of paradise.

The Morakot Cave within Koh Muk is highly recommended – swim through a pitch black cave and exit in a small but perfectly picturesque inner lagoon. Only accessible through the cave tunnel you can relax on a narrow stretch of sand with a stone and jungle backing and swim in the spectacular emerald green waters. Try the local Trang cake too – it’s tasty!

5# Similan Islands

Similans Trip 2011

Lying in the Andaman Ocean the Similan islands are pretty remote when it comes to tourism. They are, however, some of the country’s best diving spots. If you are into exploring the ocean deep you should definitely add the Similan Islands to your bucket list. Visibility is typically great and you will see a wide variety of colourful and interesting sea creatures.

There are also fascinating underwater rock formations to admire and you can spend active days exploring the dense and wildlife-rich jungles.

Start living the dream and visit some of these awesome and amazing Thai islands on your next trip to the Land of Smiles.


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