5 Proven Ways To Stay Healthy When Travelling the World!

Hiker on mountain

Travelling around the world is a fantastic way to broaden your horizons – but it’s surprisingly easy to fall into the trap of building up something of a beer belly or falling ill while you’re on your journey. Here are five ways you can stay healthy when travelling the world.

1.Drink plenty of water

Consuming an adequate amount of water will do wonders for your health on a long journey, with it not only keeping you hydrated, but potentially also seeing you lose weight.

Dehydration can often be confused with hunger – which means rather than drinking a calorie-free glass of water people will instead fill themselves with food.

Water will generally help to keep you more full, resulting in less food consumption as a whole. Be careful though; taking on too much water is also incredibly unhealthy and in extreme cases can even lead to getting sick.

2.Get your vaccinations

There are a whole host of deadly diseases out there you’re going to want to avoid contracting when on your journey.

If you want to stay healthy when travelling the world, make sure you take the precautionary steps and protect yourself against the contagious diseases which still exist across the globe.

With more viruses than you can shake a stick at, it’s worth checking up to see what diseases are out there and what you have to do to prevent them from doing serious damage. Jabs and vaccinations are the only way to go.


Hikers enjoy view of mountains

It sounds like a simple one, but doing basic exercise is a great means of staying in shape while you’re traversing the globe.

Physical activity makes you feel awesome and encourages blood flow in the lower limbs, which helps to ensure you stay trim and fit at all times. All you need is comfortable clothing and footwear and you can exercise anywhere – so why not make the most of that and exercise in some really unique locations?

Take a long jog alongside an historic landmark, or do Pilates on a hillside over-looking a beautiful valley. The choice is yours. Burning the calories doesn’t have to be boring, after all. Plus, exercise is one of the best rated healthy travelling tips – so it pays to keep this in check.

4.Stick to your daily routine

If you’ve gotten yourself into a regular routine in life, it’s best to ensure when you travel overseas you stick to it at all times.

Disturbing a delicate balance is hugely detrimental for your health, with the body reacting negatively to sudden and drastic changes in vitamin and nutrition intake. While it will be impossible to take in the exact same types of food while you’re on your adventures, make sure you don’t neglect the vitamins and medicines your body has become accustomed to. The same can even be said of skin and haircare products – which will be slightly harder to transport, but not impossible. The key to a healthy balance is consistency.

5.Cut back on the booze

avoid booze!

Okay, we know this isn’t one many people will want to hear, but cutting back on alcohol intake during your travels will mean you seriously reduce the amount of excess calories you’re taking in.

While alcohol doesn’t actually turn into sugar in your blood as some people would have you believe, it nevertheless will see you taking in a huge proportion of “empty calories”.

These are effectively calories which add no nutritional value to your diet, but are still taken in and used up by your body. For example, a glass of Guinness contains as many as 210 calories – numbers that hugely add up after a few pints.

It would be wrong to suggest you shouldn’t have the odd tipple when you’re on your adventures, but just make sure that it’s within reason or else you could come back with something of a gut.

These are just five useful ways to stay healthy when travelling the world. If you follow these handy tips you’ll find keeping in good condition will be a lot easier than you might have originally expected! What are your favourite ‘staying healthy’ travel tips?!

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