5 Ways to Perfect Your Landscape Photography

5 Ways to Perfect Your Landscape Photography

The feeling of success when you land that amazing landscape shot you’ve been shooting for ages is a great feeling. Great landscape photographs draw reflections of awe and wonder for everyone that sees them. However, there is some hard work and research involved in landing that great shot – that’s unless you luckily happen to be in the right place at the right time of course. If you want to capture the perfect landscape shot, the following 5 tips serve as your recipe for success:

1. Know what time the best light falls

Many landscape photographers believe that the best light for capturing a great landscape shot is the light directly before and after sunrise. Others believe that the best light comes as the sunsets. When you have a particular shot in mind, it can pay to visit the site at different times to judge the best light. Knowing when the best light falls in the area where you wish to capture your shot gives you a precise window to try to land that perfect photograph.

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2. Don’t be afraid to try different angle

If you’ve found the “perfect spot” to position your camera but you just can’t seem to land the exact shot you want, don’t be afraid to try different angles. Sometimes photographers can get so set in their mind that they are set up in the perfect spot and miss out on landing the shot they really want because they are too afraid to reposition themselves.

3. Try ditching the tripod

ditch the tripod

You could spend forever adjusting the height of your tripod and still be unable to capture the shot you want. Dare to position your camera on a rock, elevate yourself by climbing up a tree and don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with the focal point of your shot. If anything, you’ll get a variety of different perspectives from your photos.

Some of the best landscape photographs of worldwide attractions like the Niagara Falls offer completely different perspectives – up close shots, shots of people alongside the falls demonstrating the scale of the size of the attraction and cracking photos of the Falls that are taken inside hotel rooms that look back out at the Falls, named Fallsview Rooms.

We stayed at the Marriott Gateway Hotel, the closest hotel to the Brink of Niagara Falls!

4. Choose your focal point wisely

When trying to shoot a photograph of a stunning landscape, it is very easy for the mind to wander. For this reason, pick a focal point and base your shots around this particular focal point. Otherwise it can be very difficult to focus and very easy to get distracted and frustrated in your struggle to land that shot you want. A focal point can be anything – a specific rock, a branch of a tree, a person, sign, flowers, an animal or even a specific cloud! Whatever focal point works for you, stick to it to get your perfect landscape picture.

5. Don’t let the weather put you off!

tripod landscape

Too many budding landscape photographers make the mistake of only trying to take photographs on days when the weather is sunny. This is a mistake as some of the most stunning landscape photographs can be captured when the weather has taken a turn for the worst. If you want to capture a more dramatic shot, don’t be afraid to venture out in the rain, hail or snow to capture it.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, are you ready to start capturing some great landscape photographs?!

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