6 Packing Must-Haves To Survive a Long Flight

aeroplane wing

They say sometimes it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. That’s a very nice philosophical argument, but whoever said it probably didn’t account for long-haul flights. Long flights take you to some of the world’s most exciting destinations but can be tiresome, uncomfortable and really rather boring.

Thankfully, modern technology helps improve things somewhat with a range of items that seem specifically designed to aid passengers on long-haul. Try not to be stuck on a flight without these six absolute must-haves!

1. Headphones

This is important, particularly when you consider how uncomfortable the headphones supplied by an airline can be after a little use. Take headphones that you can feel comfortable using for hours on end that won’t bother you if you doze off whilst wearing them! 

2. Neck pillow

Plane seats are notoriously uncomfortable. You can spend valuable sleeping time shifting as you try to find a position that allows you to drift off, just to be jolted awake as you’re knocked by the aisle trolley or your neighbour.

A neck pillow keeps you comfortable in an upright position, providing peace of mind that you’ll be able to nod off without interruption. 

3. Backup Entertainment

plane entertainment

Sure, you’ve got your phone and whatever. But what if your flying with an airliner that doesn’t allow electronic usage at all during takeoff and landing? What if, god forbid, your battery runs out?

Pack a paperback, a crossword, whatever is necessary to get you through. We also recommend a slim, portable charger to bring any electronic devices back to life if they do run out of juice, as you’ll want them on the other side!

4. Wipes

No, there’s nothing embarrassing about bringing wipes with you on a long flight. These are multi-purpose! They’ll freshen you up after your attempt to nap, but you should also use them to wipe down all the surfaces when you take your seat.

Airplanes are full of germs, and cleaning crews simply don’t have time to get rid of them all. Wipes are a great substitute for other liquids you might have taken with you. 

5. Eye Mask

Combine this with your neck pillow and you’ve got the ideal sleeping environment. An eye mask is ideal for blocking out the ambient light that is almost always present on an airplane, as well as the occasional reading light or curious passenger staring out the window. 

6. The perfect carry-on bag

perfect carry on bag

Few things are more irritating for yourself or other passengers than a carry-on bag that just won’t fit anywhere. You need to find yourself a bag that stores your technology, reusable water bottle and some food for the road. Speaking of which, it’s recommended to bring nutritional snacks such as nuts with you when you’re travelling – they’ll give you the energy you need to keep going.

The right bag will do all this, whilst still allowing you decent leg-room AND easy access! There is a whole market designed for this purpose, which will save you a lot of grief and make the entire journey easier.

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