6 Way To Avoid Excess Baggage Fees!

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Nothing is worse than getting caught to pay fees on baggage when you are on your way home and money is sparse. However sometimes its unavoidable as we can often accumulate extra things on your travels. If you are one of those travellers who always happened to bring home more than you took with you, read on for some tips on how to avoid paying a fortune in airline fees.

Take The Train

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One way to avoid paying extra baggage fees is to simply take the train. If you do enough research there is always an alternative route to flying. If you are flying to another destination within the same country ten it may be worth your while to take the train. Yes, it may take longer but you will face little luggage restrictions. Taking the train is also a worthwhile option if you are travelling from country to country in Europe.

Take The Bus

This is pretty much the same as above. The bus is usually the cheapest option (but it can also take the most time). Buses, however, don’t weigh or measure your suitcase so you should be ok if your bag is super heavy.

Ship Them There


One simple option is to send a package or box home of your belongings. One cheap way to do this is by using delivery comparison websites like Shiply. Where they match you with couriers who are already making similar trips which reduce the price by up to 75%.

Pay in advance

If you are stressed about the extra baggage than one easy option is to just pay for it in advance. Most airlines allow you to select your weight for example if you are flying with Ryanair they usually allow you to add a 15kg bag or 20kg bag and it is similar on most airlines.

Wear Extra Layers

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Wear all your heavy items such as boots, heavy jumpers and jackets etc. Fill your pockets with socks or other items that are allowed and this will give you more room in your hand luggage. Martin Lewis has some great tips on wearing all your carry on stuff!

Check In Early

Sometimes you might get lucky if you check in early. If you are one of the first to check often the stewards will be less strict if you are only slightly over.
It’s always a good idea to weigh before you go, this way you will know what to expect when you get to the airport. Research and check airlines restrictions to and be careful with liquids (not only are these heavy but you are only allowed 100ml in your hand luggage).

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