Awesome Wedding Photography Locations in Asia

Asian Wedding

Asia is a wedding wonderland, with excellent landscapes, cultures, customs, and service standards to make your special day as, well, special as it could possibly be! With plenty of amazing wedding photography locations in Asia, you can have the photographic memories as well as those firmly imprinted in your mind. From stunning cityscapes to surreal landscapes, couples are really spoiled for choice when seeking an amazing location for their wedding snaps.

Here are some of the best wedding photography locations in Asia … and you need to do now is book your photographer!

Lake Tamblingan, Bali, Indonesia

Lake Tamblingan

Bali is an uber-popular wedding destination, and there are plenty of gorgeous places around the Indonesian island to get the perfect wedding snaps. The sparkling Tamblingan Lake, however, really does top the list. Photographers usually take couples there for an early sunrise shoot; the lake is especially charming in the early morning because of the sun’s beams bouncing off the shimmering surface of the water and the dramatic and evocative mists that have all but cleared up by around 7 am. Peaceful and away from the crowds, be blown away by the lake’s magic!

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Weddings are all about romance, and if you adore the idea of magical photos whilst surrounded by twinkling lights and nature at its finest, then the picturesque Gardens by the Bay is a top choice in Singapore. Whether you opt for pictures by day or by night, you won’t be disappointed.

Kyoto, Japan


There are many beautiful places around Japan’s Kyoto that provide outstanding wedding photographs to remember your big day. Many couples head to the parks when they are filled with cherry blossoms. Sagano bamboo forest area is also incredibly photogenic, perfect for wedding pictures. Fancy something a bit more cultural? Kyoto has many traditional temples with enchanting gardens and ponds to shoot as your backdrop. Smile!

Yangmingshan, Taiwan

Taiwan has many surprisingly picturesque spots, but a good place for awesome wedding photos is in the park in the Pingdengli area. Home to many quaint cafes, these small eateries are quirky and uniquely decorated. If you’re looking for wedding pics with a background that’s a bit different to the norm, this place is well-worth checking out.

Phang Nga, Thailand

Phang Nga

With dramatic limestone karsts rising up evocatively from the shimmering waters, plenty of lush greenery, pristine white sandy beaches, romantic and colourful long-tailed boats, and a super chilled out vibe, could you imagine a better setting to timelessly capture your love and happiness? Done your finery and get ready to pose for some amazing shots.

FRIM – Forest Research Institute, Malaysia

FRIM, which is better-known as the Kepong Botanical Gardens, is another lovely natural spot for sunning wedding photographs. The gardens are brimming with plants and flowers, and the glistening ponds, shimmering waterfalls, and quaint gazebos add even more to your snaps.

Samode Palace, Jaipur, India

Samode Palace

Jaipur is often amongst the top places for a wedding photographer. Samode was formerly a beautiful and affluent location in medieval Rajasthan. Nowadays, it is a quaint town with hand-painted walls and a surreal palace right in the middle amidst the Aravalis. Combining evocative historical sites and superb nature, you’ll certainly smile when you look back at your wedding album.

Bagan, Myanmar

Home to hundreds and hundreds of atmospheric temples from times gone by, Bagan exudes mystery and inspires awe. Although a popular tourist destination, the sheer number of sites means that you’ll always be able to find somewhere quiet to smile into the lens and capture your happy moment. Close to the Irrawady River, you could also add some riverside shots to your collection. And, to really get that wow factor, how about taking to the skies in a hot air balloon and admire the views as you are photographed high in the sky?

From the Bund in Shanghai and Seoul’s eclectic backgrounds to the verdant countryside of Laos and places like the ethereal Halong Bay in Vietnam, you won’t be short on options for your wedding photographs in Asia!

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