The Best Global Destinations for Theatre Buffs!

The Best global destinations for theatre buffs

Do you love seeing different shows and performances when on holiday or travelling?  Would you consider yourself to be something of a theatre buff?  If so, check out some of these top destinations around the world that are known for their theatre scene!

New York

time square

The internationally-acclaimed Broadway is a magnet for theatre goers, aspiring actors and actresses, and performers who have already made a name for themselves and built a solid reputation.  The bright lights, colourful billboards, and artsy vibe will appeal to almost any theatre fan and there is a really wide selection of performances to choose from in a number of different venues.  Catch a world-renowned musical and enjoy all the glitz, cheese, and razzmatazz. 

Watch a big name play or a smaller independent production.  Choose between one of the larger and more elegant theatres or check out some of the smaller and more intimate hideaways.  There really is something to suit all tastes.  Restaurant Row offers the perfect place to grab a bite to eat either pre or post performance.


The Bolshoi

Ballet aficionados could do a lot worse than to watch a stunning performance in Moscow.  Home of the excellent Bolshoi Ballet, seeing a captivating performance really is an experience to remember.  From the dazzling and opulent auditorium, with its golden touches, to the moving stories depicted and the glorious dancers themselves, the Bolshoi really is not to be missed.  If you’re more into music you may enjoy listening to the Academic Orchestra.  There are other theatres too with various plays and other performances, although many will be in the Russian language.


Teatro Alla Scala

With glorious theatres and fabulous opera house, chic and stylish Milan is a great place if you want to mix some culture, performed arts, and fashion.  A night at the theatre in Milan really does involve getting dressed up – as one of the most classy and well-dressed places in all of Europe, if not the world, you really will want your finest apparel!


moulin Rouge

Another fantastic European destination for theatre lovers, Paris offers a blend of different performances, from the traditional through to the contemporary and sometimes quite futuristic.  Opera, dancing, plays, comedy, and more are enough to appeal to a wide range of interests.  An evening at the iconic Moulin Rouge is often high on the list of things to do in Paris, and another favourite is the Opera Bastille.  Lots of chic restaurants add to the experience and you can dine on delicious French fare before or after a terrific live performance.


70s Bollywood Rowena

The artistic capital of the eclectic country of India, Mumbai is the place to be for a taste of the Indian performed arts with a modern and fresh vibe.  Lose yourself in the swirls of colours, enticing sounds, and fabulous dancing and have an absolute ball in Mumbai.

Other great places around the world for theatre fans include Australia’s cool and collected Melbourne, London, with the brilliant West End and striking Victorian architecture, the traditional performances of Tokyo, and classical Athens.

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