Is Cannabis Tourism in the USA now a Thing?

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The large and diverse USA is a popular travel destination for people from all over the world. Due to its size and many different terrains, climates, attractions, landscapes, and cultures, it is also no surprise that many people from the US take their vacations in their home country, travelling around to different states and cities.

There are many reasons to visit the USA; whether you’re looking for beaches, national parks, mountains, nature, theme parks, music, night life, shopping, a taste of the local cuisine, history, or more, you’ll certainly find a part of the USA that is perfect for you!

There is another, newer, reason for people to visit the USA, and that is cannabis tourism. With weed being legal in some parts of the country, they are now attracting people from places where laws related to marijuana use aren’t so lenient, including people from other parts of the USA. If you want to enjoy a smoke whilst on your holidays, the USA could be a great new option for your break.

What Does the Law Say?


Federal law makes using, possessing, growing, transporting, and selling cannabis illegal in the USA. However, there are provisions for individual states to decriminalise cannabis if they want, as long as they have regulations in place to deal with marijuana use. Decriminalisation can be for medical reasons, for recreation and leisure, or both.

What is the Difference Between Legalising and Decriminalising?

Legalising something, in this case marijuana, means that there are no criminal repercussions for anyone in the chain of cultivation, processing, transporting, selling, and using. The legal process means that the industry can be regulated, controlled, and taxed, in the same way as any other industry or enterprise. There is no criminal conduct at all.

Decriminalisation, on the other hand, means that an action can no longer be treated as a criminal offence. It can, however, still be treated as a breach of civil laws. It may also only apply to the end user, as opposed to the suppliers … which means that the industry will still largely be dominated by illegal gangs.

So Where is Weed Legal in the USA?

Cannabis Cannabus?

Some states have completely legalised cannabis for recreational and medical use. These are Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington. DC is trying to legalise cannabis also. In Maine, cannabis is legal in Portland and South Portland.

Other states have legalised cannabis use for medical reasons, as has Guam.

Others have decriminalised cannabis possession.


This means that the best places to enjoy a smoke are those that have legalised cannabis completely. Not only does this prevent you from getting into any bother yourself, but it also makes sure that you are not inadvertently fuelling mistreatment of workers, violence, and harmful illegal activities in other parts of the world.

Enjoying Weed in the US

When in Amsterdam...

Colorado, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon are the best places to combine your love of cannabis with a fun vacation – each one offers something completely different and you are sure to have a great time! If you can get your hands on some weed in one of these places, hit up some OG Kush or Purple Haze for a cheeky toke with absolutely no worries at all!

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