6 Cultural (and cheap) Things to do in Amsterdam

Beautiful Amsterdam. The capital and largest city in the Netherlands, and arguably the Cultural Capital of Europe.

Amsterdam is high on most travellers must see destinations. With it’s rich mix of history and cultural attractions, countless museums and galleries, as well as world-beating night life and lively restaurant and café scene. Amsterdam is one of the world’s most popular cites to visit.

Unfortunately with the current high price of the Euro, Amsterdam is quite an expensive destination for most travellers. So we’ve listed 6 Cultural, and cheap things to do during your visit to Amsterdam!

1. Visit the Van Gogh museum on a Friday night

Avoid the masses and visit the Van Gogh Museum on a Friday evening. Open much later on a Friday, a small bar area and seats are set up on the ground floor, while music plays up through the floors from the bar below. You can take a glass of wine or beer around with you while you admire the art work on display, which you can’t do normally. Any excuse…

2. Visit the Anne Frank Museum

Although a bit harrowing, the Anne Frank Museum is definitely worth a visit during a trip to Amsterdam.

The house Anne and her family lived in during the Nazi occupation has been tastefully preserved and converted into a museum. The museum is dedicated to her life and prolonged isolation she went through during the invasion.

Queues can be quite big to visit the musuem, so book online in advance.

3. Hire bicycles

Bicycles and Amsterdam go hand-in-hand! There must be hundreds of thousands of them around the city. Amsterdam (and the rest of Holland!) is flat, making exploring the city by bicycle easy. The road system is bike friendly too, with dedicated bike lanes throughout the city.

4. Picnic in Vondel park

Beautiful Vondel Park is Amsterdam’s favourite sunny afternoon hangout! Clean, spacious and large enough to find plenty of privacy. It’s the perfect place to take some bread and cheese, enjoy the gardens and relax. Maybe with a cheeky Heineken or two!

5. Explore the canals

Amsterdam has a vast canal system running through the city. Houseboats and barges decorate the canals. You can spend hours walking and enjoying life by the water. Admire the little hump bridges and stop at waterside bars and cafés along the way.

6. Walk Around a Flower Market

Tulips anyone? Dutch flower markets are world famous. A leisurely stoll around one of the markets is a wonderful way to people watch and admire the arrangements on show.

Tentative bonus number 7. Explore the famous Red Light District

While obviously seedy, the famous Red Light District is totally safe to explore and to see what all the fuss is about. The iconic red light windows line a few of Amsterdam’s streets in the heart of the city. Best seen at night for maximum effect!

Those who do enjoy a smoke now and again, unfortunately cannibis laws have changed now meaning toking tourists can no longer visit the infamous ‘coffee shops‘. People wishing to partake in a puff need a permit/licence, and must be Dutch! Boo!

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