Discovering Italian islands: What to do in Elba!

what to do in elba

Have you ever heard about a little Island in Italy called Elba? Elba is a little gem of the Mediterranean sea, it is part of the beautiful Tuscan Archipelago. It is certainly known for its beautiful beaches, but also for its history and art. If you are planning to visit Italy this summer, here is a brief list of what to do in Elba Island:

1. Chill on a bench in Porto Azzurro at sunset

Porto Azzurro is a labyrinth made of little streets that start from the ancient Forte San Giacomo, and end in a beautiful and wide square overlooking the sea. Unlike other tourist locations, this little hamlet is characterised by a cosy and familiar atmosphere. The square is the heart of the village, and it hosts many benches surrounded by flowerbeds where you can sit and relax, while having an ice cream admiring the sunset!

2. Sant’Ilario Alleys

Sant’Ilario overlooks the enchanting gulf of Marina di Campo, the most popular beach on the Island. This little village still preserves an unspoiled nature, the original Elba’s soul, thanks to its tortuous little alleys that run through the traditional houses characterised by flowered balconies.

3. Fetovaia beach

ship wreak in elba

This is the most popular beach of the Island and it deserves at least one visit. Surrounded by a majestic promontory 800 meters high made of characteristic green stones, pines, and other evergreen trees, this beach is 500 metres long. The water colour slowly becomes deeper and the sand is particularly bright because of its granitic origin!

4. Diving at le Ghiaie

Those who have never been to Portoferraio may think that this is only the main port where all ferries to Elba arrive and believe that it is unthinkable to dive into its waters.

Everyone knows that common places are made to be contradicted! Indeed Le Ghiaie beach, located in proximity to Portoferraio, is the oldest and most beautiful marine reserve of the Island. Its name in English means ‘gravel’, this is because its shore is made of little white stones that give the water an incredible crystalline look.

5. Cotone Neighbourhood in Marciana Marina

elba sunset

It is a natural bay protected by a big pink granite rock that gives it a resemblance to the Ligurian coast. Near this ancient bay there is the lovely hamlet of Marciana Marina with its beautiful promenade along the port dominated by a tower from the 14th century.

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