Evolution of the Hotel

Ever since the world’s first hotel opened its doors some 1300 years ago in Japan, we can now find hotels in close to every populated corner of the world. Although they all still serve the same general purpose, they range widely in features such as architecture, cost, room size, and amenities. Some offer only a 2-square-meter capsule to sleep in and nothing else, while others let you enjoy a full on apartment-sized suite featuring your own infinity pool and private spa services.

With a little research, you can find almost any kind of hotel imaginable available at your services – one more spectacular than the other. For those of you preferring a little more than a sleeping capsule for your vacation, we have compiled a list of some of the most extraordinary hotels constructed in this world. And, to make sure you get the most out of your experience, let American Express hotels help you find the best deals for your needs.

Spitbank Fort – Portsmouth, England

Built as a result of the 1859 Royal Commission, this unusual and historic sea fortress is one out of four located in the Solent, near Portsmouth. Spitbank has served several purposes, from defending its mother country of England to being the filming location of various TV shows. The arms and ammunition have long been removed and the fort is currently used as a luxury spa hotel and retreat offering 8 beautiful bedroom suites along with 6 different bar and restaurant areas.

Treehotel – Harads, Sweden

Sweden was first with the ice hotel concept, and they have gone and done it again with the tree hotel concept. In this era of eco-friendly everything, why not go ahead and book a hotel room that will literally bring you up and close with nature and lets you experience the harmony of the woods. The Treehotel lets you choose between various unique treerooms suspended high up in the trees, all giving you a magnificent view of the river valley.

Hotel Pilatus-Kulm – Kriens, Switzerland

Photo by:  Sascha Erni

Photo by: Sascha Erni

With its incredible location, this mountain peak hotel lets you wake up to the first of the sun’s rays while giving you an amazing feeling of being on top of the world – literally. You reach the hotel either by cable car or by the world’s steepest cogwheel railway. Spend the day revitalizing yourself with the fresh mountain air and enjoy a delicious dinner in the same room where the First Queen Victoria once dined. Then get swept away by the starry night skies before cuddling up in the warmth by a cozy fireplace.

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