Five European Cities You Must Visit!

london bridge

If city breaks are all you can spare time for during the year, you might want to look at some of the best cities in Europe to visit that offer all-year-round entertainment and plenty of attractions. Whether you are a person who loves eating out and trying new restaurants, or someone who would like to try the boutique hotels the best cities around the world have to offer, you must check out the below list for inspiration.


The romantic city is great for couples’ getaways, but also a fantastic place to discover history and European culture. The good news is that – while hotels in Paris are generally expensive throughout the year – you can find cheap Paris apartments rentals that will suit the needs of your family. Plan your visit for at least a week, as there are plenty of things to see in Paris; from art museums to historic buildings, and – of course the Eiffel Tower.


There are so many things to see in Brussels that you will need to be selective. Of course, you will want to pose next to the Manneken Pis, but there are hundreds of museums you can also check out. The Brussels Design Museum offers something for everyone; from art objects to everyday furniture. There are also plenty of festivals going on in the UNESCO heritage centre of Brussels.



The Finnish capital is not only famous for its quality fish restaurants, but also the saunas and street art. Check out some of the beautiful churches, or one of the iconic places, including the Hotel Kamp, opened in 1887 and the Market Square, offering souvenirs and snacks by the waterfront. To update your Instagram with some stunning images, visit the Soumenlinna Sea Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, originally built to defend the shores from invaders.



If you are looking for a city full of life, and want to discover the history of Europe in the past centuries, you must visit Budapest. There are thousands of museums awaiting, and you can get a delicious pastry and coffee on every corner. Visit the Buda Castle, book a boutique hotel in the city center, and get a day pass to one of the seven large natural spring spas scattered around the city. If you feel like you want to treat yourself, you can even stay at the Hotel Gellert, on the shore of the Danube, overlooking the bridges and next door to the famous Gellert Spa.


London is a multicultural city with plenty to see and do. Walk down the shopping district, check out the Queen, and book a tour of the Tower. The collection of the British Museum is unique and features items from every continent and era. London has a great public transport system, and you can find budget-friendly accommodation in the outskirts of the capital.

City breaks can be relaxing or adventure-filled; it is up to you how you plan them. No matter how you would like to spend your time, the above cities are worth checking out.

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