Get into the Wild at Davao Crocodile Park


While Davao may be the commercial centre of the southern Philippines, visitors needn’t travel far from this concrete jungle to find themselves in the heart of the wilderness. Leave the skyscrapers and shopping centres behind and venture to the Davao Crocodile Park. A fascinating destination where culture, education and entertainment collide, this nature reserve-turned-amusement park has something for everyone, whether you want to navigate the white-water rapids of the Davao River or see the nation’s prehistoric predators up close.

Things to Do at Davao Crocodile Park

Encounter the Resident Predators at the Crocodile Park

Meet the Philippine’s most fearsome creatures at Davao Crocodile Park. One of the city’s most popular attractions, this state-of-the-art conservation facility brings brave travellers up close and personal with freshwater and saltwater varieties of the species through a series of adrenaline-pumping tours and shows.

See talented performers put their lives in the balance as they walk a tightrope above crocodile infested waters or settle in for the feeding frenzy, where the centre’s biggest beasts fight it out for their share of the day’s lunch.  

See a Kaleidoscope of Colours at the Butterfly House


Surround yourself with hundreds of beautiful, winged creatures in the Butterfly House. A perfect destination for families with young children, this tranquil park sees some of the country’s most exotic species of butterfly flutter amidst a lush, indoor green space. Just beyond the Butterfly House, the Crocodile Park complex also houses a small collection of other native animals, including monkeys, tigers, parrots and more.

Discover Indigenous Culture at Tribu K’Mindanawan

Experience the history, rituals and traditions of the Mindanao people at Tribu K’Mindanawan – a cultural village that aims to enrich local and international travellers with knowledge of the region’s indigenous tribes. Sample traditional K’Mindanawan cuisine before delighting in a spectacular fire performance, where talented dancers set the sky alight in an awe-inspiring blaze.

Tackle the Rapids of the Davao River at Davao Wildwater Adventures

Adjacent to the Crocodile Park complex, Davao Wildwater Adventures takes thrill-seeking travellers down a 15-kilometre stretch of the Davao River’s mighty rapids. Suitable for seasoned veterans and first-time rafters alike, the qualified guides at the renowned facility provide all the safety gear and training needed to navigate the river’s churning waters like a pro.

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