Getting Pampered While Travelling in Asia!

The girliest hairdressers I've ever seen!

Girls, get ready to have some fun!

I would say I’m a girly girl. I love pink, I love dressing up, I love getting my hair done and generally love getting pampered!

Unfortunately, it is very expensive in the West to keep up this habit. A good reason to go travelling maybe!

Before I went travelling in Asia, there was a lot of beauty treatments that I’d never experienced before. And I’m not talking about obscure things like nasal cleansing or colonic irrigation! I mean girly treats like manicures, massage and waxing, basically most things!

Hot cupping in China

Treatments are so cheap in Asia and you can feel like a pampered princess for a full day for under $30!

Most countries have their own traditional beauty treatments.

Get pulled and twisted with a traditional Thai massage in Thailand, get your hands painted with henna in India, have a relaxing massage by a blind masseur in Vietnam (don’t know why they’re all blind), or try hot cupping in China.

In Thailand, pretty ladies ask you every day if you would like a “massaaaaaaaaarge?” It’s quite funny!

Indian mehndi

Some massages are better than others, and I wouldn’t guarantee that all the women are trained, but it’s always fun to be pampered!

Not every massage in Thailand has to be one with a happy ending. Gents need to watch out for the ‘happy massage’ or massage that has a ‘happy ending’. You can probably guess that it doesn’t mean you get given a lolly pop at the end!

During our stay in Cambodia, ladies would walk up and down the beach offering pedicures and manicures. I felt a bit awkward at first, watching westerners sitting on the beach, with a local Cambodian woman at their feet, working away while they sipped on cocktails.

Fish massage

I soon felt envious of the tourist getting a pedicure without having to move and at the same time enjoying the sea view, so I got one myself!

Having beauty treatments in Asia, has been a treat. It’s relaxing, makes me feel good and look good too!

You may think what’s the fuss all about as it’s all readily available at home in the West, and probably is better quality.

But my point is, I simply can’t afford the western prices. And I’m sure most backpackers can’t either.

We are very lucky to be able to afford these beauty treatments in Asia, and I’m going to make the most of it while I can. I love it!


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