Day 353: Goodbye Kerala

Our time in Kerala is over πŸ™

We’ve travelled up through the tropical state from India’s southernmost tip, via sunny beaches, cool tea plantations, and through the famous backwaters. We’ve met some cool people (and some weird ones), and stayed in some even weirder places on the way!

Kerala is an absolutely amazing destination to visit, our favourite during our time in India so far!

Who needs Goa?!

We’re currently in Kannur in the far north of Kerala, with the state of Karnataka in the near distance over the boarder.

Before cutting in-land and heading to the cooler city of Mysore tomorrow, we squeezed in one last beach session at Kannur beach, with mixed results…

The 38 degree midday heat defeated me this time (yes that is sunburn).

Another epic journey tomorrow, via the Western Ghats by bus. Fingers crossed through the mountain passes!


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