Why The Hottest Place To Be This Summer Is On Safari!

Quite literally in some cases, the hottest place that you can venture to this summer is in the middle of Africa. However, you shouldn’t let this put you off of going – especially when there is a safari involved.

They have really taken off over the past decade, with measures put into place to give you an amazing experience as a guest on the animal’s land, as well as protecting all of the endemic species that this continent has to offer. But what exactly has it got to offer you, the traveller?

Different Seasons Offer Different Views

There are so many great things to see when you’re on safari, but the weather definitely has a big impact. In Botswana, there is a period called the Green Season between November – January in which the country has the biggest amount of rainfall.

This produces the landscape to come out in a beautiful green colour due to the fauna that has been recently watered. Animals such as wildebeest and zebras make The Great Migration across the land to reach a suitable breeding ground and find better food.

This makes for tasty treats for predators such as lions and cheetahs, so you really can go and see nature at work – but be warned, you may need a strong stomach for some of the more in-depth sights that are on offer to you.

Remember to take a pair of binoculars with you when you go, as there isn’t just stuff happening on the ground; it happens in the air, in the water and all around you.

You’re Giving Back

The main reason you need to book your African safari today is that you are giving so much back to the wildlife. Most organisations that are running them are doing so in conjunction with conservation projects who are creating breeding programs of endangered animals such as rhinos to enhance the population.

Some are even ran in conservation areas where the animals have names, with their dates of births and social habits recorded; so while it’s still a wild experience, there is a background to the creatures that you are witnessing that can be recalled by those who have invested their times and efforts in such a great project.

You Don’t Just Have To Stay On The Ground

Safaris aren’t just a case of sitting in the back of an off-roader vehicle and setting off into the sunset. You are able to venture off by hot air balloon, on horseback, by boat or on foot – but only if you are with a recommended tour guide.

With so many opportunities open to you to be able to take advantage of, there is something for everyone depending on how adventurous and energised you feel.

Such variety offers a great chance to see a whole host of different species of animal, from lions to hippos to crocodiles, so taking up at least two of the ways to go on safari can definitely help you tick some much-desired animal sightings off of your list.

Have you been on safari? Let us know your tips in the comments below!

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