It’s Wedding Season in India!

To me a typical Indian wedding always conjures up images of vibrant colours, outrageously loud music and dancing! During our last month in India, we’re spending time touring the stunning Rajasthan.

This time of year is wedding season in Rajasthan, and the rest of India! Bizarrely, it’s winter in Rajasthan. You’d never know that, going by the temperature!

But as it’s the coolest time of year, and the astrology and stars are aligned, the streets are filled with wedding revellers, family, friends, onlookers and well-wishers! Plus the band, the horses, and sometimes the odd elephant!

When the wedding procession passes through the street, the band and the generator powered loudspeaker wagon usually lead the way.

Filmed in Pushkar!

Drums of all sizes are pounded getting the crowd moving, while punishingly loud keyboard notes come blaring out of the band wagon’s tannoy speakers – all mixed with hand-launched fireworks and massive fire crackers.

Then closely followed by the groom, usually on horseback, turned out in his best wedding day clothes. The ladies follow behind, wearing beautiful jewellery and are dressed in their best and most colourful saris.

You can see Eloise if you look closely! Filmed in Udaipur

Speaking to some local guys, they were saying they’ve been to ten weddings so far this season, they thought it was hilarious when I said I’ve only ever been to 3 in my whole life!

During our stays in Udaipur, Jaipur, Bundi, Pushkar and Jodhpur, there hasn’t been a moment, day or night, when we haven’t heard the sound of passing wedding crowds in the streets.

It’s an amazing feeling being surrounded by all the colour and happiness an Indian wedding brings. It can be pretty loud and a bit of a jostle, but if you plan to visit India during the wedding season, you won’t be able to miss one!


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