Lavish Travel Options for When You’re Willing to Splurge

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Travelling is a luxury. Something that not everyone can afford. So it’s not surprising that the majority of the time when we’re planning a trip, we seek out the cheapest and most budget options available.

Students wanting to travel the world in their gap year seek out the cheapest hostels, forsaking comfort and aesthetic for the price. Families squeezing summer holidays in during school breaks browse for package deals that combine everything into one, convenient, low payment. Travel agencies respond to the demand, advertising budget holidays and price cuts from their competitors.

But every now and then, you might want to consider something a little more flash. There are certain occasions and events where you don’t want to skimp out. Perhaps a wedding, a honeymoon an anniversary, a reunion, or just a break where you can really lie in the lap of luxury. It’s not too surprising that with our ingrained habit of searching for a bargain, we tend to feel lost when we’re going all out and treating ourselves.

So, if you have a big celebration coming up or are just yearning for the good things in life, here are a few lavish travel options that you might like to consider.

Flight Options

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Say goodbye to budget economy flights. Sure, they might get you from A to B in one piece, but there are so many small grievances involved. You don’t have much room to stretch your legs.

Someone else always seems to be taking up the entire armrest or spreading their legs into your personal space. There’s almost always a crying baby seated nearby, and someone’s kid is probably pushing their knees or feet into the back of your seat. You have to move people aside every time you want to go to the toilet and people are reaching over you to take their drinks and snacks from the cabin crew’s trolley. There are a couple of ways to avoid all of these things. Your first option is to fly first or business class.

Both of these options offer you more space, increased comfort, and higher quality food and drink throughout your flight. Second: private jets. Now, this really is a step up. But the one to one service, better food, and the sheer novelty of the experience of having an entire means of transport to yourself on customized private jets really is worth it for a special occasion.


Say goodbye to hostels and shared rooms. It’s time to start searching for some luxury accommodation! This can be relatively difficult at first, as many hotels will throw words such as “luxury” into their titles, despite offering a relatively mediocre experience. The key to finding the best that there is to look at the stars. Five stars are, of course, preferable.

Take a look at the general conditions of the star system here. As you can see, those awarded a higher number will generally have better rooms, facilities, and amenities. Read others’ reviews for a better idea of what you can expect to experience in each place.

These are just two ways to improve your trip, but they are perhaps the most fundamental. After all, your journey and the place you stay can have a huge determining influence on how your stay away from home goes from start to finish!

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