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Stu and Eloise in Pangong Lake, Northern India

Stu and Eloise at Pangong Lake, Northern India

Am I Nearly There Yet? is co-founded by Stuart Edwards and Eloise Rodgers. Two British backpackers travelling the world long term.

We’ve left everything behind and are travelling the globe one country at a time until the money runs dry. Attempting to live a location independent lifestyle, we hope this blog helps us achieve that.

Together we’ve travelled half the globe and have some interesting insights on how to travel smarter and safer!

With our helpful on-location information from our adventures in far flung Destinations we’ve visited, with our Travel Photograpy, Travel Photo of the Day‘s and our visually spectacular Travel Photo Essays!

Our Travel Photo of the Day, taken in Laos

One of our Travel Photo of the Day‘s, taken in Laos!

Through our painful trial and error, we have loads of tips on Travel Planning, Travel Advice, Pre-Travel Planning and Travel Equipment to make your travels easier and more enjoyable!

As a strict Vegan for 15+ years, Eloise writes specific Vegan Travel articles to help fellow travelling Vegans and Vegetarians!

Stu and Eloise in a cave temple in Thailand

Stu and Eloise in a cave temple in Thailand

Catch up with us on our Travel Journal, see Where We Are right now in the world on our merry travel adventure.

We hope our blog can help fellow backpackers, either already on the traveller trail or at home planning their trip.

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