Packing Tips for a Cruise


A cruise is a splendid way to take time out of your regular life and feel truly pampered and relaxed whilst enjoying a variety of destinations around the world. Go to sleep and wake up in a new exciting place, without the hassle of transporting yourself and your luggage. Unpack your bags and enjoy the comfort of the same room and bed each night, make new friends, enjoy a terrific range of onboard amenities and facilities, often including things like cinemas, swimming pools, discos, and spas, and dine on delectable cuisine. A memorable experience, packing for a cruise can be less than exciting. Knowing that you’re going to be on the water and that onboard shops can be pricey can make you feel a bit tense. Worry not with these handy packing tips for a cruise:

Carry-On Bag

hand luggage

When you first arrive on the ship, it is likely that you won’t see your main cases again for the best part of that first day. In your carried baggage make sure that you have everything you need for the day, including your travel documents, valuables, essential medication, and money. Having your swimming suit and a small towel means that you can hit the pool, if you like, without just hanging around waiting. A book / iPod / iPad, etc can help pass the time while you’re excitedly waiting to set sail.

Motion Sickness Medication

Even if you’ve never experienced motion sickness before in your life, being onboard a boat in stormy conditions is not the best time to find out that there are exceptions to your infallible nature! Be on the safe side and pack some motion sickness medication for your cruise.

Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs

With so many people packed onto a ship, and noises from onboard discos, restaurants, and other places of entertainment, ear plugs can be a huge positive, especially for light sleepers.

Power Strip

Some operators do not allow these, so make sure that you check first. Having a power strip, however, is the perfect way to ensure that no camera / laptop / Kindle / phone / iPad / etc goes uncharged, and you can still use your hairdryer / electric shaver / electric toothbrush / curling tongs / and so on!

Sports Gear

Sports Gear

If your cruise liner has a gym, tennis courts, a five-aside football pitch, or any other sporting facilities that you are likely to want to use when on vacation, make sure that you have at least one pair of shorts and a t-shirt that are suitable for exercise, as well as a pair of trainers.


Always handy wherever you travel, you’ll need a pen for filling in embarkation and disembarkation cards, possibly completing arrival cards for certain destinations, and maybe signing for onboard facilities and services, having your own pen saves having to ask other people when in a rush.



Eager to get a good early view as you’re nearing your next destination? Pack some binoculars!

Extra Hangers

Cruises often require that you take a fair amount of clothes with you, including formal evening clothes for those smart dinners that you’re looking forward to. Take some extra hangers with you to ensure that you’re finery remains in tip top condition and that you feel like a million dollars each time that you get yourself all done up.



It can get chilly in the middle of the ocean! And, you never know what the weather is going to be like if you pop off the ship for a shore excursion. Make sure that, no matter where you are heading to, you pack at least one set of warm clothing and a jacket.

Your swimming stuff, toiletries, clothes, shoes, camera, and sunglasses are, of course, also essential! Happy cruising!

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