Planning A Quiet Romantic Getaway!

Planning A Quiet Romantic Getaway

Planning a romantic getaway for two can be a lovely way to take your mind off those long winter nights. Even the strongest of
relationships can be reinforced on a well thought out holiday – and for those with flickering flames, love can soon be rekindled. Here are some sexy and not so sexy ideas to help you when planning a quiet getaway romantic getaway.

Set a budget

Only the super rich can afford to have an all expenses paid love adventure without thinking about the cost. For everybody else there is a thing called budgeting to think about. Booking flights and accommodation well in advance can help mitigate some of the costs associated with an expensive holiday. Opting for a romantic break in the hills with a tent and a few bicycles can be a good way of enjoying romance on a shoestring. Otherwise, try to pick an amount of money that you are comfortable spending each day and stick to it. Looking for deals on excursions and attractions can be another good way of saving while you are away.

Choose a Location That Means Something To Both of You

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Every couple will have locations that mean something to them – or a dream destination that they have always talked about visiting together. It might be a beach in Goa, or it might just be a silly place that you have always thought would be nice to go to one day for a laugh. Whether it’s a funny destination or an epic paradise in the sun – as long as you and your partner like it then that’s what makes it special. Keep your eye on holiday sites for the best deals.

Choose the Perfect Accommodation

Whether it’s a log cabin in the woods, a bothy in the Scottish highlands or a romantic hotel in the centre of Paris, choosing the perfect accommodation is essential for a romantic getaway. It isn’t necessarily about comfy beds and room service – you might be an outdoorsy adventurous couple who hate that sort of thing! However, if you or your partner do love creature comforts, make sure you do your research. Review sites like Trip Advisor will help you find out whether that 5 star hotel you’re about to book is actually a creepy little grotto in the suburbs. If you intend on booking the holiday and keeping it a secret from your partner, choosing the right place to stay will really seal the deal on a great holiday surprise.

Throw in Some Extra Special Treats

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It is important to budget, but you also have to treat yourselves on a romantic break. Little things can make all the difference; like organising a bottle of champagne to be waiting for you on arrival or going out for a fancy dinner on the last evening of your holiday. If you are planning a special trip for your partner as a surprise, think carefully of what they would really like – a sweet little treat or a big adventure…?

Do Something Cheesy and Romantic

Go on, embrace the cheese – it is a romantic holiday after all. Climb the Eiffel Tower and read a poem to each other at the top. Take a cringeworthy couples’ photo in a flowering meadow. You could even … pop the question!

Wherever you go on your next romantic break just remember that the most important thing is that you’re together. Go forth and reach new levels of cheesy romance on your holidays!

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