Preparing Your Home For When You Go Travelling: Part 2

This article is a continuation of Preparing Your Home For Travelling: Part 1 – Renting Out Your Property, covering information on renting out your home before you leave the country on your jolly travels!

Leaving Your Home Empty While You Travel

Preparing to leave your home empty is probably more suited to those travelling for a shorter period of time, or who may want a bit more flexibility when to end their travels.

Document what outgoings you have
Nasty little financial surprises might pop up. Having all your household financials documented will make things easier if and when a disaster happens.

Set up Direct Debits / Auto Payments
Paying everything up front for your utility bills would be ideal in a perfect world. You can do this providing you can afford the lump sum, and you know exactly how long you plan to be away for.

Some utility companies offer discounted rates when you sign up to Direct Debit / Auto Payment to clear your bills monthly.

Inform your bank
You should let your bank know that you are heading to the sun. If you have mortgage repayments you will need to come up with an arrangement with your provider.

Letting them know can make things much easier for you should a problem arise. E.g. Your house burns down. And while you’re there…

Arrange a larger credit limit on your credit card
Having the flexibility when you need it will save the day. Imagine you’ve just booked a flight, on top of a month of partying too hard in Thailand – Then suddenly your house gets burgled and you need to replace your smashed windows. But you’ve just tipped over your £1000 credit limit…

It shouldn’t cost you any more to increase your credit, and the flexibility gained will be invaluable should you need it.

Have someone drop in from time to time
Why? Squatters may have moved in, or your pipes may have burst. Ask a friend to check your place out now and again.

Set timers on appliances, unplug the rest
Having the lights magically turn on at night time will thwart a potential burglar. A property they may have seen unlit for a week is an easy target.

A simple plug-in mains timer programmed to come on at night will do the job. Unplug everything else.

Consume first

Clean out your fridge
The last thing you want when you come home, with the onset of post-travelling depression firmly setting in, is get hit with a Mike Tyson hook from the vintage Camembert you left at the back of the fridge last Christmas.

Dave and Deb over at have some thoughtful insights on taking care of your finances before you travel.

Here is a simple but helpful guide on how to rent out your home.


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