Queuing: The Civilised Travellers Nightmare

Warning! This is a travel rant.

Nothing, literally nothing is more annoying than a queue jumper. Back home in Britain, such actions are not tolerated. I hate queue jumpers.

One of the pitfalls of travelling is that in most other nations, queuing in line patiently is usually not part in the national psyche. Manners and consideration go out the window, while foreign queue lovers get more uptight!

Our recent experience in India has led me to this rant.

India seems to have the most stressful queuing system we’ve experienced so far on our global adventure. With special queues for ladies, disabled and sometimes special foreigner queues all sharing one counter. Queuing is a genuine free-for-all.

Queues obviously exist in these none queuing countries whose civilians like to push in. But in many of the destinations we’ve visited worldwide, most just bolt straight to the front, ignoring the patient majority.

Tips for Combatting Queue Jumpers!

Unless you physically block the queue invader, or man-handle them out of the way, they will push in front of you.

Collar grabbing, bag yanking and shoulder barging are all valid techniques of removal…

But blocking is a more passive alternative to physical violence.

Queue Invaders will try to sneak along side you and to ghost their way to the front. They’ll shove their money towards the counter hoping to be served first. It usually works!

If there are two or more of you, simple block the dreaded Queue Invaders. They’ll be left dumbfounded why you are standing so wide apart, wondering why you’re not pushing to the front like they are.

If you are a queue jumper, shame on you! I spent nearly 30 minutes making these diagrams on Photoshop!

Rant over.


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