Ski Holidays – Choosing A Chalet In France

The skiing holiday is an ever increasingly popular holiday choice. Yet, for many people the subject of accommodation is often overlooked. It is to be remembered that not all of your time will be spent on the slopes or enjoying an après-ski activity. Your choice of lodgings is of equal importance. There is plenty to choose from, but for this article let’s take a look at going to France and why you should try out one particular type.

Why A Chalet?

Switzerland -  Chalet de la Combe Gelée

The accommodation in question here is the ski chalet. Ski Chalets France are specifically designed to provide the level of pampering and convenience that you can find in expensive hotels. The only difference is the former charge lower rates. This is especially true when it comes to staying with a larger group of friends. Unlike hotels where there may a fixed price per person, the chalet will be one price that can be split between each person. So, the more of you going, the cheaper it will be.


The choice of staying at a chalet also gives you more freedom on your holiday. Such an example is found with meal times, at a hotel there will be fixed menus and times for everyone. This is not the case at your chalet! You can have whatever meal you want to make, and whenever you want it. Additionally, you can enjoy more privacy and peace whilst enjoying your meal in the comforts of your chalet as opposed to a communal dining area for everyone. If that wasn’t enough, who would say no to a pool or sauna of their own?

France Is Top

So now we have the reasons why a ski chalet is a great place to stay, but now for a little on why you should stay in one in France. To make the case, France has overtaken the USA to the spot of top skiing destination in the world. Chalets in One reason why people love to ski in France is the fact that the price of ski passes are the cheapest in the world. Be sure to check out Location La Clusaz in the heart of the Aravis Massif!  This opens it up to more people than more expensive alternatives. Another factor to consider is that many of France’s ski resorts are connected to each other, meaning skiers do not have to take transport between various areas. More importantly, the snow conditions are fantastic for people of all ability.

Hopefully with all this in mind, you will be able to make an informed decision as to how you want your next, or first, ski holiday to shape up. Take the advice on board, and make your holiday an experience to remember!

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