The Negative Side to Travelling #2: Finding a Bed to Sleep in Every Night

Think about it. When you’re at home have you ever had to worry about where you’re going to sleep at night?

You might have overlooked it an it may seem obvious, but

Every night while travelling you will have to find somewhere to sleep!

Possibly the worst room ever?!

Before we set off on our big adventure we pre-booked our hostels for the first few weeks. We used for peace of mind throughout Mongolia and China, until the hostel scene fizzled out when we got to Vietnam.

As we’d never been travelling before, it was comforting to know that we had a place to go and a bed waiting for us.

But unfortunately booking ahead is not always possible for whatever reason.

When you turn up to a new town in the middle of nowhere, the thought of finding a hotel can be daunting. Having to deal with the notorious taxi drivers / tuk tuk men and hotel touts might fill you with dread.

You’ll come to learn that sometimes the quality of accommodation is luck of the draw!

You might end up in a dirty box room riddled with bugs, and for the same money in a different town get an upgrade to a nice hotel room that you would be happy with back in your home country!

In your dreams!

It’s a relief when you’re in a town long enough to settle in a hotel for a bit. Hopping from one hotel to the next every 2 days can feel like you never unpack and relax.

Finding a bed every night is part of travelling and is something I try not to worry about too much.

Arriving in a new town, obviously it would help to have a map or a guide book and have an idea of what area you’d like to stay in!

Also try and decide your accommodation budget before you look around hotels. It’s easy to get distracted by all the nice amenities on offer.

Remember that if you arrive in a new town during the day, you can get your bearings and the hotel touts don’t think you’re too desperate and tired because it’s late and dark.

Enjoy the free upgrades if you get them. Kick back in the plush, but surprisingly cheap hotels (if you find them), and try and laugh at the dirty box rooms you’ll have to sleep in!


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