Things Girls Shouldn’t Forget to Pack

This is ridiculous!

Here are a few things that are in my backpack that I’ve found invaluable. You probably won’t see some of these items on most packing lists, and some might be a bit squeamish about it all.

But I feel girls should be as prepared as possible for what the traveller trail throws at them.

Remember everything you bring you’ll be carrying on your back. If there’s something you’re thinking about packing just in case, leave it! Most things can be bought in any country.

Moon Cup

This is a genius creation for girls to use instead of tampons and sanitary towels whilst on their period. Before I came travelling I had never used a Moon Cup before, but had heard of them and never gave it much thought.

Thinking about how many tampons I would have to pack and if I could find them in every country made me research into the Moon Cup.

I have never looked back. Of course you should give it a couple of months trial before you set off travelling to see if it’s for you. They come in 2 different sizes so pick the right one and see how easy it is to use. Also, pack a large metal mug to sterilise the Moon Cup, using boiling water before and after your period.


Disgusting toilets, squatting, no toilets, no privacy– All these worries led me to purchase the Shewee.

I used to work in an camping shop and would get a few embarrassed women coming in to ask if we sold the Shewee. Not really knowing what a Shewee was and finding the whole idea quite amusing I never gave it a second thought outside the shop. That was until I planned to live like a nomad in Mongolia and trek the Himalayas in Nepal!

Worries that every bathroom on my travels wouldn’t be like my clean and comfortable toilet back home turned me into one one the embarrassed women that walked into my shop.

Sold in shops worldwide and online, the Shewee is easy to buy. There are also lots of similar products by different companies like Whiz Freedom and Go Girl.

The Shewee is a worth while investment and should be tried out at home before you go travelling. I recommend experimenting in the shower first just in case you make a mess!

Flesh Coloured T-shirt Bra

Not the most attractive bra or one I would recommend you wear on a first date, but a bra that can’t be seen under any coloured top is a winner in my books!

If you do not own a flesh coloured t-shirt bra, I definitely suggest you go out and buy one now!

It has saved me on many occasions and is my most worn item on my travels (in case you were interested)!

Contraceptives and Pill Information

If you are using the contraception pill make sure you get the maximum amount you are allowed to buy before you go travelling- in England that is 1 years supply. Also take the information of what pill you are on, the dosage and the ingredients (the box and the information guide should cover that).

Whether you are on the contraception pill or not you should definitely pack lots of condoms! When you are in a malaria risk zone and are taking anti-malarials, some of the tablets cancel out the contraception pill. Making sure you use condoms during that time is essential to stay safe.


Conditioner is probably something most girls use every time they wash their hair. Silly me thought I could save money and room in my backpack if I made do without and stuck with shampoo.

After my first shower on the road I realised I’d made the wrong decision. My hair looks better, feels better and is much easier to comb, I have never been without conditioner since!

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  1. Anne Jensen December 9, 2015 at 11:34 am #

    If I forget to put conditioner in my backpack my hair will be ruined. I have forgotten to put a shampoo, though. It was a bad experience 🙂 Best regards!

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