Things to do in Uzbekistan

Situated in Central Asia, Uzbekistan has a rich and colourful history. There are plenty of fantastic sightseeing opportunities and lots of things to do in Uzbekistan, and it offers a unique and fascinating adventure.

Some of the top things to do in Uzbekistan include:

Trying the Local Cuisine

Food and drink in Uzbekistan are generally pretty cheap, and there is a great selection of national dishes to really get your taste buds tingling. The cuisine has many influences that have created a delicious fusion. Influences include Russian, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, and Iranian.

Plov is the most famous dish from Uzbekistan and it is made from mutton with vegetables and rice, with spices for extra zing. There are regional variations on this famous dish, but you are almost certain to eat it at least once if you visit the country. Bread is eaten at almost every meal time. Dumplings and pastries stuffed with meat are also common, as are hearty and filling soups.

When it comes to drinking, vodka is a popular spirit with a mind-boggling variety of different brands available throughout the country. Beer and local wines are also available in abundance, and you should try the alcoholic mare’s milk at least once – it is an acquired taste!

Sleeping in a Yurt

A yurt is a collapsible and moveable home, somewhat like a round tent. They are used by nomads in several different countries. There are several places in Uzbekistan where you can experience life in a yurt. Venture deep into the Uzbek desert and live like traditional nomads, gazing at vast open expanses and clear night skies. There is a camp in the Kyzyl Desert. Perhaps you enjoy water scenery. If so, there is another camp near to the sparkling Lake Aydakul. For those interested in history, the yurt camp near to Ayaz Kala ancient fortress is ideal.

Doing Adventurous Activities

Uzbekistan offers a wonderful assortment of exciting and adventurous outdoor activities. You could ride a camel through the desert, ski in the snowy mountains, raft along gushing rivers, trek in stunning scenery, or cycle through some amazing areas.

Hanging out in Modern Tashkent

Easy to get around, Tashkent has a long history, although little remains from its days as an important city on the Silk Road. Today it offers a modern vibe, and plenty of interesting attractions. There are several mausoleums of important people from the country’s past, lively markets, mosques, monuments, museums, and more! For some fun and frolics check out Tashkentland theme park and the Aqua Park. You can also watch a moving performance at one of the city’s theatres.

Exploring Ancient Samarkand

The UNESCO protected Samarkand was once an important city on the famous Silk Route. It is brimming with spectacular architecture and fascinating sights. The central Registan Ensemble is likely to be one of your first ports of call on a visit. Shakhi-Zinda is an ancient necropolis, very serene and peaceful. Visit mausoleums, mosques, tombs, and ancient ruins. Some highlights include Ulugbek Madrese, Shirdor Madrese, Tilla Kari Madrese, and the intriguing Ulugbek’s observatory.

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