Top Gift Ideas For Travelling Newlyweds!

travelling newlyweds

We all know that one couple who travel the world together, and when they finally decide to tie the knot in some far-off land, what do you buy for the newlyweds who don’t care for the usual wedding list? Hopefully, today’s post will give you a few ideas!

So here are our top gift ideas for travelling newlyweds!

Headphone gear

I’m guessing the happy couple will spend a lot of time on planes and other modes of transport, in which case they probably both have full loaded iPods. Why not pick them up some quality headphones with a handy travel case each, as well as decent headphone splitter, so if one battery dies, they can still enjoy their favourite songs together.

“Where we met”

This is a classic gift no matter where the couple are originally from. If they met whilst travelling, you could have a framed picture of the country with the named town, or if they’re from completely different sides of the earth originally, you can get a world map with heart icons for their places of birth.

Framed maps

hai hoa beach couples in vietnam

Another map-style gift is to pick up one of the many variations of framed maps around, where they can highlight for themselves where they’ve been on the globe, and can add to it as their travels continue. Get them started by labelling their wedding on there!

Matching travel vests

These are one of the most useful gifts you can ever buy any traveler, as you can buy fleeces, body vests or t-shirts, all with hidden zips and pockets all over them to hide valuables when bags need to be left unattended.


new lovers in fraser island

For couples who love to read while they’re away, they never need to worry about carrying cumbersome, heavy books with them. The new Kindles are super lightweight with a great battery life, so it should be a must-have accessory for travelling book worms.

Travel cocktail kits

If you want to make sure that the newlyweds kick off their honeymoon adventure in style, make sure you pick them up a travel-sized cocktail making kits. This should contain all the dry ingredients they need, so they only need add a miniature bottle on the plane for a luxurious, celebratory drink in the air. If this is the sort of thing you think your friends would like, you can make your own version right here.

Sylish backpacks

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Of course, every traveler needs a backpack, but there are two ways of going about it. If they’re seasoned campers, get them an all-weather camping bag each as an upgrade from their current one. If they’re into city breaks, how about a fashionable leather hold-all each instead?

A break away

Finally, the ultimate wedding gift you can buy any couple who loves to travel is of course a mini getaway all of their own. You can find some fantastic bargains on European city breaks these days, and you’ll get to give them the most important gift of all – memories!

So what would you buy a jet-setting couple?!

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