Travel Photo Essay: Exploring the Markets of Mysore

Majestic and regal Mysore. Known as one of South India‘s most flamboyant cities. Home to ancient royal heritage, beautiful monuments and landmarks, and its famous markets.

In the heart of Mysore, the Devaraja market is a lively place where traders sell fruit and vegetables, flowers, spices, and a lot of things in between!

Perfect for an afternoon stroll with your camera!

The market spills outside onto the street near the main entrance. Fight your way through!

Piles of juicy tomatoes!

A quieter alley inside the market.

The piles of powder are called kumkum. Indians mix it with water and use it for painting and applying bindi dots to each others foreheads!

Market traders display amazing fruit layouts. Don’t grab a pomegranate from the bottom!

Not happy with the price it would appear!

Flowers are sewn with needle and thread into massive spirals and cut to measure.

A lot of women in India seem to wear jasmine flowers in there hair. I don’t know what cultural significance it has, but they smell good!

Not sure whether this guy was for sale or not.

All the haggling obviously got a bit too much for this guy.

Piles of Brinjal, or Aubergine/eggplant

Crazy looking banana flowers. Edible apparently!

Keeping an eye on stock count. Oh wait.

10 points to anyone who knows what the hell this is.

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