Travel Photography

We’re all about sharing our travel adventures with you through photography and video! We really want to inspire you to go to the places we’ve been lucky enough to see, and for you to throw down everything and start travelling the world!

Feel free to email us if you have any Travel Photography questions you’d like to ask.

Travel Photo of the Day

Whether it’s another amazing sunset shot or something weird and wonderful from somewhere far-flung – the Travel Photo of the Day collection are easy bite sized doses of travel photo wonderfulness!

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Travel Photo Essays

Our Travel Photo Essays are a more detailed look at some of the amazing and mostly crazy places we’ve been on our travel adventures so far.

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Travel Videos

We think our Travel Videos are pretty awesome. Some are silly (most actually), some interesting – but ALL of them are cool!

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Travel Photography Resources

Our fellow travel blogger chums Beth and Randy over at Beer and Beans have written an epic travel photography e-book called Getting Out of Auto. It’s perfect for those wanting to progress with their photography skills, to ‘get out of auto’ (see what I did there?!) and start using their camera equipment to its full capability.

While it’s mainly geared towards SLR users, it’s still packed with excellent all round photography advice any camera user can learn from. It might not turn you into an overnight professional, but it will show you a bunch of essential travel photography tips like:

  • Detailed advice about aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings
  • The principles of composition
  • Learning how to use light to your advantage
  • Generally how to get creative!

They’ve also included some fun extras like Inspirational Quotes, Fun & Quirky Facts About The History of Photography and Tear Off Cheat Sheets to help in the field… Or on the beach!

I wish we had a copy when we started out, instead of learning the hard way. For $9.99 it’s an excellent value travel photography resource.

Check it out! ✈ Getting Out of Auto
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