Traveller Resources

As long-term backpackers, we feel we’ve learned a lot over the past few years of non-stop travel.

Our Traveller Resources are here to inspire, help and inform you while you plan your adventures. There’s no reason you can’t do the same and travel like us!

If you have any travel questions or concerns, please drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Ultimate Travel Checklist: Travel Tech for the Modern Backpacker

We’ve written the comprehensive Ultimate Travel Checklist: Travel Tech for the Modern Backpacker 2013 guide. It’s packed with essential traveller gear and tech for the modern-day backpacker.

With info on travel-proof laptop equipment, camera accessories to keep your gear safe and tips on how to keep your data and photos protected and backed up while on the road.

Travel Advice

Over the past two years on the road we’ve learned the hard way more than once!

We’ve written a tons of helpful Travel Advice to show you how to travel smarter and safer, whether you’re a seasoned backpacker, planning your first adventure or just after some on-location hints and tips!

Essential Tips Before You Travel

Buy all necessary Guidebooks!

Definitely grab all your guidebooks before you head to your chosen destination! You can’t always reply on buying them when you arrive, unless you like photocopied fakes. 😉

Organise your Accommodation before you arrive

Checking out accommodation costs well in advance can save you a fortune in the long-term. Plus arriving knowing where you’re actually staying will save loads of stress! When you want to indulge yourself, click here for some tips, or check out Loveholidays!

Set up Dropbox or Flickr for photo backup!

Dropbox allows you to upload and store your files securely in the cloud to access anywhere. You start with 2GB of space, but can earn up to 16GB by recommending friends!

Flickr offers a massive 1TB for free, keeping your image and video files at full resolution and quality, unlike Facebook

Save up enough money!

Simple, but save more money before you travel! That extra round at the bar back home will buy dinner, drinks and dessert for 2 in Thailand!

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Travel Equipment

We always get asked ‘What do you pack for a long-term travel trip?’ Not much we say! We travel pretty lightly, but we haven’t always…

We’ve learned what Travel Equipment is useful and why. And more importantly, what to leave behind!

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Travel Funnies


Travel isn’t supposed to be serious is it? Well it’s a good job, because we’ve had a hoot the past few years travelling the world! 🙂

Our Travel Funnies are silly observations, weird experiences, crazy goings-on and everything else that’s amused us on our adventures so far.

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Vegan Travel

Eloise writes specific Vegan Travel advice, thrown in with some yum food photography from around the world

As a strict vegan for more than 15 years, she’s survived in some of the most ‘non-vegan’ environments out there!

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Travel Blog Links

Check out some of our fellow Travel Blog buddies for even more travel inspiration!

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