5 Epic Things to Do in Namibia

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This is a guest post from Rob at Worldwide Travel Advice – The self proclaimed international travel playboy – about his latest trip to Namibia!

If you want to go to a fascinating and diverse place where you can have a thrilling adventure without leaving the familiar comforts of an urban lifestyle, you should check out Namibia. The sweeping landscapes and dramatic varied terrain create a magical and picturesque place that you are sure to remember for all time. From wondrous sunsets and captivating wildlife, to quiet towns, and gigantic sand dunes, there are many great things to do in Namibia. Here are some of the best experiences to add to your bucket list from your trip to Namibia:

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park

One of the biggest game reserves in the whole of Africa, the expansive Etosha National Park is home to lots of wildlife, including creatures big and small. Animals that roam the park include lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, springbok, zebras, flamingos, pelicans, and more. With more than 30 vegetation zones, the fauna is also diverse. Unspoiled Africa at its best, the area has several camps where you can really feel like you are in the heart of magical and wild Africa.

Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon is located in the southern part of Namibia. A totally magnificent and awe-inspiring place, it is sure to take your breath away with its splendor. Lots of rare wildlife lives in the area and the sweeping views across the dramatic landscapes will blow you away. An excellent place for avid hikers, get out into the picturesque scenery and enjoy a challenge in nature at its finest.



Swakopmund is a lively town in Namibia that has many activities and attractions for visitors. Whether you’re craving a spot of adventure, want to feast your eyes on splendid architecture, or would prefer to chill out in welcoming bars and cafes, Swakopmund is undeniably an attractive and appealing place. Sitting by the Atlantic Ocean, you can see typical local homes and community and bag some bargains in the local markets.


Many people head to Namibia with the goal of seeing the iconic sand dunes. Flaming hues of crimson, shades of gold and orange, earthy brown tones, and even splashes of white, the colours are out of this world. Located in the arid Namib Desert, the stunning dunes sit around gleaming salt pans, creating some scenic views that are truly exceptional and astounding.

Kolmannskop Ghost Town


Kolmannskop was a diamond-mining town, nestled and secluded in the desert amongst rolling dunes. A seemingly remote and inhospitable place, it is quite amazing to think of people having lived out here. Often referred to as a ghost town, the homes now stand forlorn and empty, with peeling wallpaper trying to break fee from the walls, dank bathrooms that haven’t seen soap in a long time, bugs ruling the roost, and just brief glimpses of the lives that once inhabited these dwellings.

Take a scenic hot air balloon trip over Namibia’s vast landscapes, explore the capital city of Windhoek, head to Spitzkoppe for climbing adventures, camp at Shark Island, and enjoy discovering the best of splendid Namibia.

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