Travel Blog Success: Why This Course Is So Epic

Travel Blog Success

Running a successful travel blog is not easy.

In fact it’s pretty tough going. Cue drum roll: Ta-da! Travel Blog Success is here to the rescue!

Travel Blog Success is an e-learning course created by 2 travel blog veterans, Dave Lee and Micheal Tiesto.

Put simply, this course is essential if you plan on taking your travel blogging efforts seriously.

The core lessons contain 6 incredibly in-depth modules of travel blog success goodness.

We learnt the hard way and muddled through a lot of the points mentioned in the 6 modules featured in the course.

Without my background in web design and marketing, it would have been twice as hard to get Am I Nearly There Yet? up and running and ticking over as a successful, profitable, kick-ass travel blog.

    The 6 Modules

  • Module 1 – Building a Foundation – This first module includes several key (and easily overlooked) essentials for your travel blog.
  • Module 2 – Creating Content – Now it gets juicy. This modules covers excellent advice about the future star of your travel blog: The Content!
  • Module 3 – Developing Traffic – You want people to come to your blog, right? This module delves into traffic-building tactics using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more… and introduces key blogging metrics you need to keep a close eye on.
  • Module 4 – On the Road – The realities of running your soon to be successful travel blog on the road.
  • Module 5 – Making Money – Contains several lessons focused on money making tactics to leverage as a direct result of your hard work. Fund your travels, during your travel adventure and into the future. An incredible resource!
  • Module 6 – Growing Your Business – Taking your travel blog successfully to the next level. We know several bloggers who have funded their travel lifestyle years after their first adventures.

In total there are 48 insightful lessons that are easy to jump in and out of, or to come back to in the future for a refresher.

These are some of our favourite lessons from the TBS modules:

  • Setting a vision for your blog

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) simplified

  • An Introduction to Key Blogging Metrics

  • Realities of Blogging From the Road

  • How to Sell Your Photos

  • Sponsored, Press & Social Media Trips

  • Location Independence

A Few More Reasons Why Travel Blog Success Is So Epic.

As well as the modules, there are several extra perks that come in handy well after you’re done with the lessons…

The Secret Facebook Group

Several of the most influential travel bloggers on the planet are regulars in the Travel Blog Success Facebook group. Everyone is super helpful and eager to help out travel blog newbies and veterans alike.

Want plugin advice? Need tips on which travel board to pitch to? Confused on how much to charge for a sponsored post?

Then look no further…

As a resource, we feel the TBS Facebook Group is worth the cost of the course again.

The TBS Webinars

Kick back and and work your way through these 35+ webinars. There are some truly epic sources of information in there from some of the industry’s leading travel bloggers. These are our favourites:

  • Obtaining Corporate Sponsors – Deb and Dave from ThePlanetD
  • How to Negotiate and Earn More for Your Next Project – Dalene Heck from Hecktic Travels
  • The Art of Storytelling – Mike Snowden from Fevered Mutterings
  • Importance of Building an Audience – Derek Earl Baron from Wandering Earl

The TBS Forums

Yet more travel blog gold! The private forum is the place for extended questions and interaction with other dedicated TBS members.

The ‘Perks’ Page

There are deals and discounts from some very helpful resources. With exclusive discounts from 99 Designs, HostGator, BlueHost, WooThemes and more.

Ideal if you haven’t built your travel blog yet!

The Opportunity Board

The TBS Opportunity Board is a community run resource packed with exclusive opportunities. Ranging from travel related contests, guest posts call-outs and paid jobs, to specific tourism board requests. It’s epic!

Travel Blog Success Opportunity Board

The Huge Support Network

Travel Blog Success is an ever growing community that’s paving the way for budding travel writers and bloggers, as well as being the go-to resource for experienced industry travel gurus.

If you’re seriously focused on turning your travel blog into a real success story, then head on over to Travel Blog Success and see what the fuss is about. You won’t be disappointed!

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