[PHOTO] Mae Haad Sunset - Koh Phangan

[PHOTO] The Incredible Hong Kong Skyline

[PHOTO] Mongolian Nomad Returning Home

[VIDEO] Time-lapse of the Hong Kong Tramways

[PHOTO] Rice Paddies in Luang Nam Tha

Beautiful British Islands

Made up of England, Scotland, and Wales, the coastline of Great Britain is surrounded by some outstanding and interesting islands. From those that are really popular holiday destinations to those that are fairly remote and see fewer visitors, you are sure to find an island that appeals to your interests.

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Thai Beers and Whiskies

Planning a visit to Thailand? Not only will you be rewarded with some outstanding scenery and fabulous sights, but come night time you can enjoy some incredibly priced drinks. From the chilled out local watering holes to the beach bars and parties on the sands on the frenetic and electric islands, there are several drinks […]

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The Best National Parks in Australia

Australia is huge with a large variety of different landscapes. With an abundance of flora and fauna, some of which can only be found in the country, the Australian national parks offer plenty of chances for nature and wildlife spotting, enjoying diverse scenery, and activities such as climbing, camping, hiking, biking, rafting, and kayaking. There […]

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Highlights of Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s capital city is rapidly emerging as one of Asia’s top cities. It has plenty of culture and history as well as modern delights. Public transport in Kuala Lumpur is efficient, fast, and easy, and there are heaps of places to sleep, eat, and drink. The night life is varied and fun. Some highlights of […]

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5 Reasons We Want to Visit Indonesia!

Ahhh…Indonesia. A destination that’s conjured exotic images for us: Beaches, coconuts, culture and an epic amount of islands (all 13466 of them – Cheers Wikipedia!) Indonesia has long been on our hit list. We originally planned to travel through on our way to Australia, but an additional 5 months in India changed our plans slightly, […]

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Things to do in Uzbekistan

Situated in Central Asia, Uzbekistan has a rich and colourful history. There are plenty of fantastic sightseeing opportunities and lots of things to do in Uzbekistan, and it offers a unique and fascinating adventure. Some of the top things to do in Uzbekistan include: Trying the Local Cuisine Food and drink in Uzbekistan are generally […]

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