5 Reasons We Want to Visit Indonesia!

Ahhh…Indonesia. A destination that’s conjured exotic images for us: Beaches, coconuts, culture and an epic amount of islands (all 13466 of them – Cheers Wikipedia!)

Indonesia has long been on our hit list. We originally planned to travel through on our way to Australia, but an additional 5 months in India changed our plans slightly, then it was rainy season so we skipped it until next time… Which could be sooner than we expected!

So, here’s our 5 reasons we want to visit Indonesia!

1. Photography Opportunities

Where to begin. Wildlife, temples, people, street life – All amazing inspiration to the buddy travel photographer. Just ask permission before you stick your 70-200 2.8 into someone’s face.

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2. Pampering

Daily massages are a must. Same goes for accommodation, some of the 5 star hotels in Jakarta look truly legendary! Ultra luxury at reasonable prices. Or so we’ve heard!

3. Beach Hopping

We’ve heard a several reports of Thailand-level quality beaches around Indonesia – Which is a bold claim we have to prove otherwise. There’s a lot of coastline to explore, but we’d probably start at Bali and go from there. Or just stay there knowing us.

4. To Prove Bali Isn’t a Bogan Hell-hole

Heard very mixed reports about the highly popular tourist destination of Bali. Apparently beer-brand singlet vest wearing Aussie bogans complete with tribal tattoos and rat tail mullets inhabit the Bali beaches and bars… But we’ve also heard of high quality luxury retreats and relaxation centres. Humm. So it can’t be all bad right? Maybe it’s a bit like Goa in India. Half grotty, half amazing!

5. We Want to Travel Somewhere Affordable Again!

A year in Australia has bought a few things into perspective. I miss 50c coconuts and $1 smoothies, $2 beers and $5 monster meals! I shudder to think how much a beach shack on the beach would cost in Queensland. We’re craving a cheap destination for a few weeks and good spending splurge! We deserve it right?

Have you been to Indonesia? Is it bogan-ville?

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