Check Out These Handmade Tibetan Dolls!

I am now the proud new distributor of these delightful handmade Tibetan dolls! When Stu and I move to Australia in the next few months, I will begin to try and find the dolls new homes! Who knows where we’ll travel next with the them!
These gorgeous dolls are handmade by local Tibetan and Indian women in Dharamshala in Northern India, which is where we are now and have been for the past month.

Here’s a bit of background info about Tibetans in India:

Tibet was invaded in 1950 by China and since then the country has been taken over by Chinese people and their culture. The people of Tibet and the Tibetan government in exile in India are trying hard to keep Tibetan traditions alive, but sadly the Chinese government have too much power and will not back down.
The Tibetan community in exile live here in Dharamshala in India and cannot go back to their own country for fear of being caught by China’s oppressive army for escaping their lost land many years before. If they go back they could risk being punished and locked in prison.
They have lost their own country. Now trying hard to earn a living in a place that they didn’t choose, but are now trapped in, is very difficult. Dolls 4 Tibet gives these refugee women a stable job in a social atmosphere, with open surroundings and a flexible work schedule.

I will keep everyone updated on how Stu and I are doing with our new soft and cuddly travel friends!
If anyone would like to own their own handmade Tibetan doll or any of the other items on the above website, let me know and I’ll get them sent out to you before Christmas!
If you’d like to give me some feedback on what you think of them, it’ll be much appreciated.
Which one is your favourite?!
Thanks and enjoy!



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