Planning a Photography Trip to the Niagara Falls

niagara falls

Every year, thousands of people travel to the Niagara Falls to experience and capture this beautiful natural wonder. For photographers, it really is a dream destination. The fact that you can get really close to the waterfalls makes it surprisingly easy to get some truly stunning shots. However, to get the best results you need to be well-prepared. Here are a few tips to help you to do exactly that.

Stay in an upper-story hotel room

If you can afford to do so, book yourself into somewhere like the Marriott on the Falls so that you can get a view of the waterfalls from your room. When you book, double-check that the room gives you a panoramic view rather than just a view of only a small section of the Falls.

Plan your days carefully

It is important to think about the light conditions when planning to visit the attractions where you are likely to get the best shots and for your travel photography in general. Generally speaking, you will get the best daytime shots of the Falls if you photograph them when the sun is behind you. Choose your viewing point of the waterfalls with this in mind.
There are lots of ways for you to experience the Niagara Falls, which gives you the chance to take all kinds of photos.

Feeling pimp? You can take a helicopter trip to see them from the air, get on a boat that takes you to the very foot of the waterfalls or see them from a distance using one of the tall observation towers.

Choose the ways you want to see the Niagara Falls and think about the types of photos you could take in each location. Taking this approach will inform the type of lenses and the style of cameras that you use.

Photographing the Falls at night

niagara falls nightime
Now that the waterfalls are lit up at night you have the chance to photograph them then too. For this type of photography it is generally a good idea to use a tripod, so consider packing a compact, folding version that is made from lightweight materials. When photographing at night, you will get the best results using a camera with a timer on it.

Take an optical zoom lens

If you have a lens that has optical zoom built-in, be sure to pack it. You will get far better close up shots using this type of lens than you would if you just use the camera or phone zoom functionality.

Protect your equipment

When you get close to the Falls, it gets very wet, so you need to make sure your equipment is properly protected. You can either buy a proper professional cover or just use a plastic bag and a strong rubber band.

Don’t just think about photographing the Falls

When planning your trip think about the other attractions you are planning to visit and consider what equipment you need to be able to photograph those. This post gives you some idea of where you can get some fantastic shots. We suggest that you use it for inspiration!

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