5 Top Tips for a Budget Holiday!

canoeing in canada

A refreshing and reinvigorating trip abroad needn’t cost the earth. Holidays can be expensive, but with a little forethought and planning you can enjoy a vacation that doesn’t break the bank. To make it a little easier we’ve compiled a short list to try and help you.

Shop around for currency

Getting a better deal on your currency can make a big difference to your pocket book. Try to shop around to find the best rates available, and if you have the time try to keep an eye of fluctuations in the exchange rate. With a bit of luck you may be able to strike at the right time and get a favourable deal.


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The best way to discover the secrets of a new location is by foot. Take a look at the surrounding area near where you are staying and plan some walking trips in advance. This lets you enjoy your destination at your own pace, and it’s free!

Don’t be set on dates

One of the best ways to save money on air fare and accommodation is by being flexible on dates. Popular dates especially around the holidays are likely to be quite a bit more expensive than less popular dates. So look around at prices off-season and you might be surprised at the bargains you find.

Don’t plan too many activities

We all go abroad to experience new things, but often times the activities come at a cost. With this in mind it may be a good idea to scale back on the activities you have planned. No matter where you’re going many popular tourist sites have entrance fees, so pick the ones you really want to see skip the ones you’re not too bothered about. It’s easy to cram too much into a holiday anyway, so keeping your day-trips to a minimum can let you really enjoy the things you do choose to experience.

Eat like a local

street food in Thailand

The fastest way to burn through a budget is by eating out. If you are staying in self-catering accommodation, then stake a few trips to the local grocery store and make sure you have some staples at home. Even by eating one meal a day at home you can make big savings. If you are in a resort or hotel then find out the most popular eateries with the locals, as these will be without the pricey mark-ups you find in the popular tourist traps.

What are your budget holiday tips?!

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